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Empower Your Player

Our Mission Statement 

Trailblazer Volleyball Club's mission is to provide the highest level of fundamental skills training with a positive coaching philosophy that builds self-discipline, self-esteem, teamwork, character, respect, and integrity. In turn, fostering the love of the game. We take girls and boys ages 9 to 15 years old. We hold Weekly Clinics, Camps, After School Programs, and Jr. Club Teams. We have experience training young athletes for over 20 years.  

About Our Founder
Karen Roberts


Trailblazer Volleyball Club was created for of the love of the game. 

Karen Roberts started playing volleyball at a very young age.  Initially on beach, in Laguna, and then every recess, as well as in her backyard on a makeshift volleyball court. Karen played all through her high school years at Laguna Beach High. She and her teammates took first in two Junior Olympics Volleyball championships. She earned a scholarship to San Diego State University, Division 1. After graduating from UCSB, she started her career and a family. Once her two girls were old enough to learn, she helped spread the love of the game to them, and the passion of volleyball returned to her life. Hence the creation of Trailblazer Volleyball Club. TVC was initially established in 2009 and has rebranded to focus on the Young Athlete to teach the gold standard of fundamentals early on. Karen attributes many of her life lessons to what she learned on the court and on a team; self-discipline, teamwork, respect, integrity, and perseverance.  Our mission is to foster the love of the game in every Young Athlete.

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